Opensea alerts in real time

Don't waste hours searching on Opensea and waiting to hunt the right collection or a cheap NFT.

Receive alerts with the buys and sells of the best nft traders, and when NFTs are listed below your price parameters.

Marco Groot
Level 01
Level 02
1. Track top NFT traders and best paid communities movements

Get alerts to know which collections are buying and selling the most profitable NFT traders (over 1200 wallets). Get into the new bluechips before price explodes and stop buying the nfts shilled by random twitter accounts.

2. Receive alerts when an NFT is listed below Collection floor price.

The most basic alert. Select which collections you want to track, and your prefered alert system, and you'll receive an alert everytime someone lists a NFT of those collections below floor price.

3. Create custom alerts when certain traits or rarity ranks are listed below your target price.

Pick a collection, trait, rarity rank or specific token ID and define your target price (specific ETH amount or % below floor). You'll receive an alert everytime a NFT is listed matching that criteria and below your price target.

4. Track top Volume Collections before floor price explodes.

Get the most traded collections by volume of trades every 15 minutes or lower timeframes, track new collections exploding and get in before the floor price is not affordable.

5. Track floor prices per collection and rare traits.

Track the evolution of floor prices of the top NFT collections and the floor price for specific traits. Soon we'll be adding a data dashboard to visualize the info much better, and will add much more useful info about collections (avg. price, # of trades, etc)


Receive notifications to hunt the best collections and discounts

Choose in which platform you want to receive your NFT alerts from multiple choices (discord, telegram, google chat..)
Listings are fetch directly from API, so you'll receive alerts at the same time or even before they appear in the Opensea website.

Don't miss any of the NFT discounts from the paper hands.


Opensea alerts, just the beginning

We'll add more marketplaces in the future when new players enter the game (Coinbase, Shoyu).

We also plan to add a whole on-chain data analysis section for Minting alerts, and a data dashboard to show all the useful info of the collections.


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Get delayed alerts and basic floor track for free

If you can't afford a premium access, you can still get very valuable info for free at twitter and discord.

Twitter delay will be set to 15 minutes and Discord to 10 minutes, but you will still be able to track whales, volume and listings under floor of the main collections, with a bit of delay.


I managed to snipe this one because of you!! Thankss a lot ❤
I bought that 😎