BlueChip Tracker Pass

Follow the smart money and big collectors movements. Don't need to spend hours reading their Alpha channels. Join the right calls by following their real moves.

Your lifetime pass unlocks discord trade tracking from BlueChip Holders (BAYC, Moonbirds, CloneX, Doodles, MAYC, Azuki).

Track LIVE what they buy and sell and receive aggregated data in different timeframes (5m-15m-1h-4h-1d).

Log into your Metamask first
?? of 2048 minted
0.025 ETH per pass


Holder Tracker


Why BlueChip Tracker pass?

Getting the right info to trade NFTs should not be expensive.

Don't believe in big monthly fee alpha groups, prefer a low entry barrier to the NFT Alerts community, with an affordable lifetime pass that gives actionable data to help your NFT trading.

Users of BlueChip Tracker alerts are potential profitable traders that will probably need more of the tools we're developing.

All the money from this collection will help develop future features of NFT Alerts.

What do I get with a BlueChip Tracker Pass?

You get lifetime access to BlueChip Tracking alerts in NFT Alerts discord.

Your pass is also your "key" to the ecosystem, so you can win allowlist to NFT Alerts passes when they launch. We'll run monthly allowlist raffles for Bluechip Tracker Pass holders.

You'll also get early access to future features of NFT Alerts.

Why trade tracking and not Alpha chat tracking?

Having a mirror is cool when you don't have a radar 😎

Checking all alpha chats can be very time consuming, and you're never really sure if the alpha call is getting enough following from their holders.

Tracking trading from Bluechip holders will always give the right signals, and can be either used to follow the trend or to confirm an alpha call if you're using Mirror or other alpha source.

Why those BlueChips and no others?

Current BlueChip setup is just 6 of the most trendy/valuable NFT collections of the moment. This setup can (and should) evolve with time, and will let the community decide which collections are considered BlueChips, and therefore, are tracked.

A collection doesn't necesary need to be linked to a real collection, and could be a mix of different Artblocks Curated collections, or a group of crypto influencers if that's what the community wants.


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