Get Custom Alerts for your desired collections or traits


Laser focus and track your desired collections floors, rarity ranks or rare traits.

Get alerts in seconds when a trait, rarity rank or floor of a collection reaches your price target. You'll get notified of all NFTs listed below your price target configuration.

If collection is not scraped, it will get scraped and your alerts will be set as soon as it finishes.


Receive your Custom Alerts in your private channel or chat

By default you'll get your alerts in the private channel you have in our discord. You can ask to get the alerts in your private discord or in google chat / telegram.

You can request another kind of channel and we'll see if it's posible to add it to the roadmap of NFT Alerts.


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Dentro del equipo de Musicfy hay terapeutas y musico terapeutas que nos acercan a las verdaderas necesidades de los musico terapeutas y de la práctica de terapia online.


Start receiving your Custom Alerts right away

Once your private channel is set, you'll be able to self-manage your alerts with your personal bot. There is a wide range of commands to let you setup your basic, rarity rank and trait alerts and price targets.

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