Opensea Floor price tracker and listings below floor


Watch floor price evolution for your favourite collections

Analyze the evolution of the floor prices of the collections under your radar, and buy at the right time.

You can see the evolution of floor prices hour by hour, and get alerts with the floor prices of your desired collections.


Receive alerts when an NFT is listed below it's collection floor price

You can receive live alerts whenever an NFT is listed below the floor price of it's collection.

Live alerts can be sent in a Discord private channel just for yourself, or by a chat app like google chat, slack or telegram.

Note: Listings much below floor price are automatically hunted by bots with high gas fees transactions, that's not the purpose of the alerts if you're trying to hunt those.


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Save time navigating through Opensea countless hours

When you are trying to hunt certain collection but don't want to lose your time, just configure an alert to warn you whenever a piece is listed certain percentage below price, or below a quantity.

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