Track Opensea Whales trades in real time


Track the wallets from the best NFT traders

We track the movements from over 1000 wallets, from the TOP profitable traders of all time and the TOP profitable active traders.

Get real time buys and sells and alerts from the most bought and sold collections in the last minutes.


Get into Opensea collections right after most profitable traders

Discover the new bluechips or successful collections before the floor price increase exponentially.

You'll be able to see in which collections the best NFT traders are getting in real time or with minimum delay, and not discover them when the floor price is too high to enter.


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Track whale trades to buy or sell your NFTs before the retailers

With our premium service you'll be able to see whale activity in real time, plus agregated data with the most bought and sold collections in the last minutes.

Follow the steps of the most profitable traders before the mass enters the project or the influencers shill the project to their followers.


Get delayed whale tracking for free

You can still get some information with our free service. It won't be in real time, but you can check with delay the TOP bought and sold collections. You'll probably won't be able to use that info for a fast trade but will still get an overall view of the NFT whale moves.

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