Track the trades of Top NFT Communities


Track PROOF collective, Origins NFT and other paid communities

Most people can't probably afford joining all the paid communities from the NFT space.
If you can't afford the community fee to receive their alpha, alerts content, you can track their movements to get alerted of their buys and sells.


Get into the upcoming bluechip collections at the right time

With the aggregated data of their buys and sells you can get into the right collections at the same time of their paid group, before price starts pumping.

You'll save lots of ETH, and get the same output from their signals: the right collection to buy. DYOR after receiving the alert to know if it's worth apeing into it or not.


Made by therapists for therapists

Dentro del equipo de Musicfy hay terapeutas y musico terapeutas que nos acercan a las verdaderas necesidades de los musico terapeutas y de la práctica de terapia online.


List of communities to track is not closed

You can ask for any paid community to track, as long as their access is managed by a token/NFT.

If community is worth it to follow for everyone, will add it to the list.

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