The access to NFT Alerts premium features you can purchase 2 different Utility NFTs: Bluechip Tracker Lifetime Pass and Custom Alerts Lifetime Pass.

Try Custom NFT Alerts for 1 month

You can try the Custom NFT Alerts service for 1 month before buying lifetime access (price 0.025 eth).

  • All current NFT Alerts features
  • Discount on your lifetime pass

NFT Lifetime Access Passes

0.025 eth

2048 supply

15€ / month

12€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

15€ / mes

Bluechip Tracker Lifetime Pass


  • Live Volume alerts (15 minute and 5 minute timeframes)
  • Live Whale alerts (15 minute and 24h timeframes)
  • Bluechip holder alerts (live buys and sells, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 24h aggregated data).

    Track the buys and sells from BAYC, MAYC, Moonbirds, Doodles and CloneX holders.
  • Future tracking alerts.
  • Access to private alpha channel.

28€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

35€ / mes

From 0.25 eth

256 supply (32 max per month)

35€ / month


Custom NFT Alerts Lifetime Pass


  • All Tracking Bluechip Tracker Pass perks.
  • Custom Listing Alerts self-managed (received in NFT Alert discord, your custom discord, google chat or telegram):
  • Basic Under Floor Listings.
    Can setup a % below floor just to alert of listing below that target price, or just set a fixed price
  • Custom Trait listing tracking.
    You set the traittype and traitname and a floor multiplier, and get notified of listings below that price target.
  • Custom Rarity ranks listing tracking.
    You set the rarity rank range and a floor multiplier, and get notified of listings below that price target.
  • Floor alerts
    Get notified when floor price of a collection reaches your price target.

76€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

95€ / mes