The access to NFT Alerts premium features will be token based, with 2 different Utility NFTs which will be launched in June (Tracking Alpha Lifetime Pass and NFT Alerts Lifetime Pass)

Early access

You can be an Early Supporter and try the service for 1 month before the token launch (price 0.025 eth).

  • You'll get all current NFT Alerts features
  • Allowlist spot for lifetime pass
  • Discount on your lifetime pass

NFT Lifetime Access Passes

Will be launched in June (date TBD).
Early Supporters will have allowlist spot and will receive a discount equal to their Early Supporter fee.

0.07 eth

1024 supply

15€ / month

12€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

15€ / mes

Tracking Alpha Lifetime Pass


  • Live Volume alerts (15 minute and 5 minute timeframes)
  • Live Whale alerts (15 minute and 24h timeframes)
  • Moonbird holder alerts (live buys and sells, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 24h aggregated data).
  • PROOF and Origins NFT aggregated buys and sells (1h and 24h timeframes)
  • Future tracking alerts.
  • Access to private alpha channel.
  • Access to future data dashboard / analytic tool.

28€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

35€ / mes

From 0.25 eth

256 supply (32 max per month)

35€ / month

NFT Alerts Lifetime Pass


  • All Tracking Alpha Lifetime Pass perks.
  • Custom Listing Alerts self-managed (received in NFT Alert discord, your custom discord, google chat or telegram):
  • Basic Under Floor Listings.
    Can setup a % below floor just to alert of listing below that target price, or just set a fixed price
  • Custom Trait listing tracking.
    You set the traittype and traitname and a floor multiplier, and get notified of listings below that price target.
  • Custom Rarity ranks listing tracking.
    You set the rarity rank range and a floor multiplier, and get notified of listings below that price target.

76€ / mes

Ahorra 20%

95€ / mes