Hunt Rare Trait NFTs and rare ranks below floor


Track rare traits from bluechip collections

We are tracking floor price for the rare traits of most notable bluechip collections.

If you want to track a rare trait from a collection not available, just ask for it and we'll add it.


Get alerted when a certain trait is listed under its floor

Get live alerts when the traits you're tracking are listed below its floor, or below certain price.

Some sellers need liquidity and will list much below its floor price their rare pieces, get instant profits flipping those pieces, or be able to collect that piece you couldn't afford before.


Made by therapists for therapists

Dentro del equipo de Musicfy hay terapeutas y musico terapeutas que nos acercan a las verdaderas necesidades de los musico terapeutas y de la práctica de terapia online.


Track listings by rarity rank under certain price or floor multiplier

You can also track rarity ranks instead of certain traits.
If you want a rare piece from a collection but don't mind the trait, you can track by rarity rank.

Set a rarity rank number and a price, and get alerted when any piece is listed below your rarity rank and price.

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