Track HOT Opensea Collections before everyone


Discover new collections before its too late

Big Volume of sales usually means it was just listed on Opensea after the mint, or consolidated collections with big news affecting the number of sales.

Get notified right after a collection is starting to explode.
Trying to catch the trendy collection when you read your twitter feed or Opensea ranks it's usually too late, get alerts to join the collections before the retailers.


Last 24h is not enough

Opensea showing the last 24 hour top collections is not enough, clearly is not. When you see a collection climbing this ladder it's usually too late.

The top traders are in, influencers are in, and most of the mass it's into the collection also, you're probably their liquidity exit.

With our NFT Alerts you can get HOT Collection data right away, get alerts with most bought and sold collections in the last minutes, and the unique buyers.


Made by therapists for therapists

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Get complete alerts showing number of sales, avg sale price, and unique buyers

You can get live alerts into a private channel in our discord, or directly through a chat app (google chat, slack, telegram).

You choose which app suits you better to be able to react fast and make a good trade, or purchase your desired collection before it explodes.

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